Sheltering-in-Place is a proven effective protective action, which is a proper response for
    many emergencies.

    If you are told to Shelter in Place, take the following actions:
  • Go inside your home or some other building, preferably to a room with no or
    few windows.
  • Stay calm and turn on a radio or television to a local EAS station for information and
  • Stay tuned to the station until the emergency is over or until you are given
    instructions to evacuate
  • Bring pets inside, as appropriate. To the extent possible, shelter farm animals,
    providing them with well water and stored food.

    If the emergency involves hazardous materials (including radioactive materials), the following
    actions are to be taken in addition:
  • Turn off heating and cooling systems, and air intakes such as window fans and air
  • Shut windows and doors. Close fireplace dampers.
  • Cover cracks with tape or wet rags.
  • If advised to protect breathing, cover nose and mouth with a wet cloth.
  • If you have to come in from outside, wash your face and hands, especially before you  
    handle or eat any food. Preferably, take a shower and wash any clothes you were   
    wearing while outside.
  • Persons traveling in the area in motor vehicles should close their window and air
  • Remain inside until you receive official notifications that sheltering is no longer
    needed.  Ventilate the structure.